Welcome to WUIC

Written in Java, the project focuses on best practices automation around statics. WUIC aims to guarantee high performance when your pages are loaded by the client on the web, keeping high productivity during your developments.


  • HTML, CSS & JS minification/aggregation with various processors
  • Image merging and sprites computation for both CSS and JS languages
  • JSP tag/Thymeleaf dialect for better scalability but easy to use with pure DHTML
  • Switch debug and production mode easily
  • Reload configuration at runtime. Possible usage: switch debug and production mode easily
  • Various server-side caching solutions and smart browser cache
  • Monitor statics to evict immediately any server/browser cache entry
  • Access to statics anywhere: classpath, disk, HTTP(S), FTP(S), SSH, Cloud
  • Inline CSS referenced by @import in other CSS and images in HTML pages
  • Filter the HTML pages with a zero-config solution

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 Why WUIC?

  • Easy to deploy to any servlet container in an unified backend configuration
  • Modular API to be integrated in various infrastructures and to keep scalability
  • Good integration with popular projects like Thymeleaf or Spring framework
  • On the fly solution to automate and to be configurable as much as possible
  • Possibility to process statics at build time with Maven or ANT
  • Not only processes: also takes care about where to pick and to serve statics
  • Advanced HTTP caching mechanism on client side with automatic refresh
  • Very slim with minimal dependencies
  • A lot of third-party supports easy to enable
  • Available on the maven central repository
  • Open source project under MIT license

 Quick start

You should start easily by taking a look at our different samples. You can see a sample showing how WUIC aggregates images, computes sprites and minifies Javascript for you!

Just move to the sample's directory and run it with:

mvn jetty:run

You may also be interested by our documentation.

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